The Rise of Populism Workshop

The Rise of Populism
Such a huge volume of literature has developed on globalization in the last decade. However the ongoing discussions focus more on deglobalization with reference to rising illiberal capitalisms with authoritarian political structures such as China and Russia is before everyone’s eyes. Moreover rising nationalisms especially ethnic and sectarian ones as well as right-wing movements and their political parties getting stronger in the early strongholds of liberal democracy in the Western Europe while Islamophobia is getting on the stage more and more. If one pays attention to recent historical roots of this development one can easily see the notorious results of the Arab Spring having resulted in more chaos and illegal migration towards Europe then anticipated more freedom and peace in the Middle East. This is exactly a paradigm shift in Kuhnian understanding since the world we have ever known is drastically changing. Last but not least, in order to comprehend the emerging new world we are organizing our first workshop on the Rise of Populism to clarify the cited developments from various perspectives as much as possible.


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