It is a much-debated argument that the social and human sciences establish a hegemony, which strengthens the philosophical and intellectual position of West, by means of methodological approaches and various arguments/theories. This situation becomes more visible by constituting a dominant paradigm and it encourages people to ignore the other scientific thoughts and discourses. Moreover, it is possible to claim that the current hegemony in the social and human sciences has a deep-seated historical and epistemological background. Thus, expect some of the critical arguments, it is obvious that the concepts produced by Western thought are made sense and globally used with ethnocentric reflexes. This identification process continuously re-produces itself in different contexts and by the material superiority of West.

On the other hand, Western-oriented hegemonic approaches on the scientific endeavour have been widely discussed thanks to the ontological background of the sciences and specifically social sciences, which provides dynamism and critical way of thinking to the scientists.

In the face of the arguments summarized above and the general picture appears in Western World, we aim at reviving and critically analysing this hegemony, which is established over Islam and Muslims by means of the social sciences, in an international congress we plan to organize. For that purpose, we would like to invite the academicians and thinkers, who are from different areas of specialization in the social sciences and aware towards the subject, to our congress.

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